About ASIP Tech

In 2007 ASIP Tech, Inc., licensed ASIQ Pty. Ltd. to commercialise a new inflight connectivity concept (originally known as Safecell), to establish an alternative course of connectivity in the global aerospace industry. Several years of R&D and flight testing led to the creation of BizjetMobile for corporate jets, and fflya for airlines. The core technology uses Bluetooth to connect multiple clients in a closed-network to facilitate data optimization and cost control. 

The first BizjetMobile product was launched in 2014, and by the end of 2015 over forty installations had been completed globally. ASIQ had successfully delivered to AS-IP Tech, Inc. a full commercialised global program. By the start of 2016 the core technology had been flight-proven and was ready for the first iteration of an airline platform.

ASIP is driving this development of an exciting new inflight connectivity solution that will revolutionize how connectivity leads to revenue in the airline world.

ASIP is a public-listed USA company incorporated in Delaware. 

Directors and Key Management

Richard Lukso

Richard is Chairman and Director for ASIP Tech, Inc. After commencing his aviation career in 1953 at USMC Marine Air Wing, Richard went on to claim senior executive positions at Lear Inc., Garrett Airesearch and Learjet. In 1988 Richard became President, GM and Co-owner of Securaplane Technologies Inc. Securaplane has since grown from five employees to 100 employees with five innovative products serving airlines and general aviation. In 2000, he sold Securaplane to the Danaher Corporation.

Ron Chapman

Ron founded the ASI Group in 1986. 

He is currently a Director and President of ASIP Tech, Inc. 

Ron created the original Securaplane system which Richard Lukso, ASiP's Chairman successfully took over and commercialised globally. 

Ron has overseen product development and marketing across the Group, having launched several products globally.  

In the 90's Ron created ACAMS a certified cabin crew satellite data ink incorporating passenger telefax messaging and an Ecommerce system launched on Qantas. ACAMS was recognised in the industry as the world's first passenger connectivity solution. This was followed by several inovative airline programs including, the  ASI-9000 digital video infotainment server,  VI-4000 news server, ASiQnet, a first generation laptop connectivity solution. G3CARS, a pilot electronics flight bag solution. 

For the past decade Ron has directed  the development of the current BizjetMobile and fflya airline program. 

Phil Shiels

Phil is a Director and CFO of AS-IP Tech, Inc. He joined the ASI Group in 1994. Phil holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Degree  and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. 

Graham Chappell

Graham is a founding Director of ASIP Tech, Inc. Graham has over 40 years experience in the aerospace and military industry. Graham graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer from RMIT, having attended the RAeS Air Transport Course (Oxford) and the M.Sc (Air Transport Engineering) course at Cranfield University. 

Adam Chapman

Adam is Vice President of Marketing Services for ASIP Tech, Inc. Adam is Director of Corporate Jets for BizjetMobile's distribution network, having served in the role since 2012, and he is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Adam has several years of global business experience combined with a passion for marketing and aviation. 

Barry Chapman

Barry is CEO ASiP Europe and Middle East.

Barry is a brand marketing specialist and prior to joining ASiP, built a successful international career in the entertainment industry, holding managerial roles at EMI Music Publishing, Triple J Network, News Corporation and Sony.