ASiQ Pty Ltd is the industrial team and forerunner that led to the establishment of ASIP Tech Inc.

Our story began with a resilient vision to give passengers connectivity in the sky.

The ASI group is a 30 year old world leader in pioneering new aerospace  communication technologies.

We create inflight connectivity solutions using alternative methods and technologies, making us the most unique business in the industry.

About Us


Always ahead of our time

After company founder and President Ron Chapman broke industry ground in 1983 by inventing a new security technology system for aircraft, he had a vision. He would provide aircraft communications not only for security purposes, but also for passengers. In 1986 the ASI Group was established and so began the journey to give people connectivity in the sky.

The ASI Group has a 30 year-old history of flying new communication technologies worldwide. As a Group, we have pioneered the development of the world's first aircraft security system to incorporate a Windows PC on a Boeing 737; the world's first certified Cabin Crew Satellite Data Link for Qantas; the global Interflora 'Flowers from the sky' program, using the cabin terminal to deliver a value-added service; a digital destination advertising system on Air Europa and Hawaiian Airlines; a new generation aircraft electronic logbook application for Airone Italy; and the world's first Bluetooth access point to deliver inflight communications, a platform that now supports our unique business jet and airline programs. This only scratches the surface of our lifetime of achievements. 

Our highly talented and experienced team are forward thinkers - creating solutions to problems now and in the future. We then bring to life these inventions. We revolutionise and we get results.

Systems & Services

Pioneering new connectivity solutions

The ASI Group is a world leader in creating inflight connectivity systems that utilise Bluetooth Smart Technology as a low-cost alternative to the traditionally expensive Wi-Fi platform.

In 2014 we successfully launched a new range of unique systems for business jets under the brand BizjetMobile; and are currently in the process of launching an exciting new airline program called fflya under contract from AS-IP Tech, Inc


We created the Bluetooth Smart platform to be the catalyst that upheaves traditional communication models on aircraft and beyond.

The ASI Group is a multifaceted organisation currently delivering inflight connectivity solutions for the business aviation industry. ASI has also developed the capability to offer solutions for commercial aviation and the military. 

The companies across the Group encompass:

  • Certified manufacturer of aerospace hardware
  • Leading developer of next generation App technology covering both Android and Apple devices
  • Marketing
  • Technical support

We operate our systems via the Inmarsat and Iridium networks.







  • 1986 ASI Group established
  • ASI Technologies Pty. Ltd. was formed as a certified manufacturer of aerospace communication products.
  • ASI launches the world's first Boeing 737 aircraft security and monitoring system.





  • ASI develops there world's first certified Cabin Crew Satellite Data Link, selected by Swiss Airlines and installed on a Qantas fleet of 31 Boeing 747s.
  • ASI launched on Qantas the world's first real time value-added service, delivering Interflora 'Flowers from the Sky' via the cabin terminal.
  • ASIQ Pty. Ltd. Was formed as a software development house for communications and entertainment systems.
  • ASI launches with Canadian Marconi a moving map display and digital destination advertising system on Air Europa and Hawaiian Airlines.





  • ASI is selected by the AirTV consortium to develop an internet solution for the airline industry. It was flight tested and certified on Alitalia Boeing 767-300 and Saudia Boeing 747-400
  • ASI is selected by Stratos Global to become the service provider for the Panasonic in-seat messaging service onboard Swiss and Austrian Airlines.
  • ASI develops the G3CARS program - a new generation aircraft electronic logbook application for Airone Italy.





  • ASI creates the world's first Bluetooth access point for inflight passenger and crew communications.
  • ASI launches BizjetMobile delivering Bluetooth connectivity solutions for business jets that use App technology to deliver text, email and voice.
  • ASI licences BizjetMobile brands on the OTC Market under AS-IP Tech, Inc.
  • ASI embarks on the development of a world's first Bluetooth airline connectivity solution called fflya.





  • WizzAir signs an agreement with the ASI group to deliver fflya, providing a new range of in-flight passenger, crew and operational connectivity. Integrating low earth orbit satellites with Bluetooth and the latest chatbot technology. fflya delivers free passenger messaging, interactive promotions, in-flight retail and live payment processing, specifically for low cost airlines.