Changing the way you think about connectivity


Airline e-commerce platform that delivers a substantial new revenue stream, better passenger relationships and improves organisational communication. Comes at little or no cost. App-based program for passengers to access discount travel and entertainment offers, saving them money and building brand enhancement.  


Airline App improves the efficiency of crew communications onboard the aircraft without needing to install certified aircraft servers, Wi-Fi networks, or perform modifications to the aircraft systems. 

The network delivers Bluetooth app-to-app messaging as well as airline specific group chats broadcast to all crewmembers.

CHiiMP Smart

Inflight connectivity system that utilizes Bluetooth technology and Iridium to deliver low-cost voice, SMS and email services.


Simple and inexpensive App-based SMS and email for customers with an existing aircraft Iridium telephone. 


Comprehensive inflight connectivity platform with Internet that provides users with real0time information on data usage and costs. Also includes range of SMS and email services. 

CHiiMP Tracking

A real-time secure service that lets owners and operators locate their aircraft. Comes free of charge with a CHiiMP Smart system purchase.